The System Safety Group and Safer Healthcare, LLC
Identification of conditions contributing risk to patient safety and
facilitation of corrective measures
We support clients in their efforts to identify and mitigate risks to patient safety. We utilize incident-based interview methods and work-situated observation to develop and strengthen risk mitigation and quality improvement initiatives with staff. 

Coproductive Learning Health System Strength Assessment and Development
Coproductive Learning Health Systems possess an operational philosophy and structure that provides continuous insight into organizational behavior and performance from staff, patients, families, and community groups.  Qualitative and quantitative data are continuously elicited, monitored, and analyzed to improve access, equity, utilization, quality and patient safety. Our aim is to help clients identify and scale existing components of a learning health system into a system-wide learning and improvement capability that supports equitable 'whole-person' care that is responsive to evolving individual, family, and community needs. 
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Engaging community members to improve equitable access and utilization of 
health and social services.
We collaborate with clients and diverse community stakeholders to elicit their first-hand knowledge of gaps and strengths in access and utilization of health and social services. The insights garnered are utilized to prioritize policy and program recommendations to improve individual, family and community health. 


2018-2021 Right Care, Right Place, Right Time in Maine: The full report of this community-engaged research in Washington County, Maine may be accessed here. The published findings of this study in the Journal of Primary Care and Community Health may be accessed here.

​2022-Current:  In collaboration with the Maine Council on Aging we are facilitating Phase Two of a multi-stakeholder initiative to develop a Maine Community Information Exchange (CIE). Phase two is scheduled to conclude in October 2023, delivering governance, legal, policy, and technology guidance and requirements for CIE implementation. Community Information Exchanges are designed to integrate and provide up-to-date information on resources to meet health related social needs across state geography, ensure closed loop communication between resource organizations and people in need, and create longitudinal records of social needs for individuals who opt-in to this service. 

Our purpose is to help clients build and scale existing strengths of practice in their organizations and communities. We have managed a wide array of projects in healthcare and other domains.  Examples of recent/current initiatives and services are listed below and additional examples of past projects may be viewed here .  Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.  We will promptly respond, to determine if your project or concern is within our capabilities